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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  October 8, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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hi. everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's a new week and time for all new videos "right this minute." a man learns, you don't mess with a stag during mating season. >> he calls out for some help. >> who's got the camera? why doesn't that guy help him? >> what are you going to do? he's going see you and -- what's up, girl. a couple on a bike. then, watch what happens to this couple.
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see four near misses, two angles and one crummy driver. they want out of the pond. that's because these ducks have never seen water. the amazing story of where they were found, and how they finally got all wet. plus, how to pull off a cheap and easy halloween costume, and risky snowmobile jump with no snow. >> ah! >> he landed! >> can a fiat pull the same move? >> he's right on the edge. oh, he's going to fall off! mating season for deer. and, ah, think guy here found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> oh, boy. >> this is in west london in bushy park. the guy got too close when two stags were facing off, in mating season. the stags will roar, bark and sort of clash antlers to show dominance to win over the lady. this guy got too close and then
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found himself in a face-off with this giant deer. >> what was he doing too close to two fighting stags? trying to get pictures or just enjoying the stud show? >> walking along the path. started to -- and then went to the other side. >> calls out for help. doesn't look like anybody's willing to give any. >> who's got the camera? why doesn't this guy help him? >> what are you going to do to get him away? >> it's mating season. do a little shim around get him away from the stag. >> you might wonder why he's particularly aggressive. well, they om go after the ladies for one to two days during the mating season. so you've got to go when it's time to go. eventually this guy gets a good idea. he climbs this rickety fence and goes up in the tree and the thing eventually walks away. they've had problems in this
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exact same park. just last year, first week of october, a 50-year-old man was knocked off his feet by a charging stag. >> you know why? because he probably didn't get the girl. >> he knows, this year, it's got to happen. >> he's like, this is my year. i've been waiting 365 days. this old dude's not getting in my way. >> the other one was smart. went and got the girl why this other stag was chasing the guy around the tree! seconds make a difference for two separate couples in this video. >> oh, whoa. >> whoa. >> now, watch as the car comes into the picture. it hits the parked motorcycle -- >> oh. >> forces the car forward and the car that the -- the accident car hit runs into the motorcycle where two people are still on it. if they got there seconds later, wouldn't have been hit. seconds early off the bike walking on the sidewalk. the second angle. watch what happens to this couple crossing the street. >> oh, my goodness. they barely missed it, too.
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>> yeah, that car first careens into a dumpster, misses that couple before it crashes into that first motorcycle. then that other car forced the into the couple sitting on the motorcycle. >> what was going on with this car? just speeding out of control? >> if you notice, when it came around that cornerin that sec was not going right from the get-go. >> a street with pedestrians, the city, looks like he was going pretty quick. >> two people got right back up. >> just think. seconds made a difference or two to separate couples. when you think of a duck, the natural habitat what do you think? >> a pond. >> some body of water. >> a park somewhere. >> exactly. watch this video. it might change your mind about the way ducks feel about water. >> these ducks were rescued from a hoarder. >> somebody hordes ducks? >> yeah. probably hoarded ducks and a bunch of others. >> this person hoarded a lot of animals, and the ducks suffered
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because of it. these ducks are currently at the woodstock farm an malsanctuary. they were given food and vitamins and brought back to health. these ducks have never seen water. >> you mean to tell me that even when they at the hoarders house they didn't jump into the water she had? >> never been in water. we're watching these caretakers shoo them towards the water and they're having a lot of trouble. >> i thought benny hill did this. >> that's a crazy thing. you would think it would be innate. >> watch what happenses when they timely get into the water. go down a waterfall, paddle through with theirs wings and immediately get back out. >> oh, my god! i'm afraid to watch. >> it's funny. >> we're getting wet, we're getting wet, we're getting wet -- >> this is so sad. >> now they started taking them one by one and they're placing them in the water. >> almost figured it out. >> yeah. he has suddenly figured out exactly what he's supposed to be
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doing and starts doing the whole bathing trick. >> they're all like, hey, jimmy figured it out. >> jimmy teaches the others how to do it. they start enjoying it, become friends in the water and i think it was impossible to get them out. >> water's good here. thank you for your help. we'll stay here. a string of robberies has the philadelphia police department completely puzzled. these are the fast and the furious worthy robberies except they're not stealing fancy cars. they're stealers -- vespas? >> like vespas. >> those are cool, though. >> in the video we see a robber go up and take the cover's one of these scooters and after working tonwork ing on it a while you see white van show up. the man who seems to be the first one to get to the scooter goes over to the driver's side.
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the other to the passenger side and load up the scooter like it was theirs. this is becoming such a problem. 's in the last month, one division, 39 scooters, 14 motorcycles. in another division, they've stolen 19 scooters. >> "they" meaning, do the police think it's the same guy, the same van? >> they're not sure if it's the same group of people, but they have recovered 13 scooters. 10 of those have come from camden, new jersey. they're thinking that these are being stolen from philadelphia and taken to the streets of new jersey. another video. this one from arizona. pay close attention to this man in the red shirt. he walks up with a basket to the meat department and starts loading it up with about $150 worth of meat. instead of heading for the registers, he heads straight for the door. but -- what he didn't know was that the security manager at this store was keeping a close eye on him, and tackled him right as he's trying to get out.
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>> oh -- oh, man, and that is a big guy, too! oh, he pushed him into the claw machine! >> unfortunately, there was a getaway car waiting for him right outside of the store. so the driver of that car got out, helped his buddy and they were able to get away. so police are hoping someone recognizes the dude and calls the cops. >> he got away with meat, too? >> no. he didn't get away with the meat. inside an "entertainment weekly" magazine, an electronic ad, looking for an answer. >> hello? >> see the secret they find in the ad, next. and some biking advice for one racer. >> gotten off and walked the
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welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long.
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tech meets print journalism in the october 5th edition of "entertainment weekly" and cw network hash a screen in it showing new videos and in it it . owcases thecw liv >> the folks wanted to find out exactly what was inside this ad. >> so they took it parrapart. >> this ad was in 1,000 special editions of "entertainment weekly." so as they get the magazine open and they're getting to the heart of the screen, the first thing they discover is a us b port. you can plug it into your computer and charge it. >> as they start to peel back the casing on this ad, look what they uncover. >> quite a bit more than i expected. >> what this really is -- is a smartphone. >> this is -- i cannot believe what i'm seeing. >> yep. >> sure enough. >> hey, we could dial a phone number. >> it's a 3g smartphone inside
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of this thing, and as this video continues, they start fiddling around with it. >> i love the guy's reaction. he completely geeks out here. he's like, oh -- oh, my god, it's a cell phone. >> why do they continue to play with it? they get it activated. >> this was manufactured by foxcon, manufactured in china. inside this ad, what exactly we have. a smartphone size battery, full keyboard, a t-mobile 3g card, camera, speaker and live us b port. >> everything. it works. this is a full-blown phone. >> the cheaper version of a smartphone but a smartphone, none the less. this looks like a zombie movie trailer to you, right? >> yes it does look like a horror movie. >> this looks like good stuff. right? >> yes. >> hollywood, big budge. >> coming out for the halloween season. >> i thought so. i thought, one of these featurettes they release.
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a couple of scenes from the movie to get jazzed for what they're going to do. >> and then i realized -- what's going on here? she has -- guess who saves her? the "undeading" from the heart and stroke foundation in canada. they made this video with zombies showing people what to do in case somebody has cardiac arrest. the first thing you want to do call 911. second thing you want to do, push hard and fast, about twice a second. what a great ad. >> i can't believe that they actually went through this kind of production to make a cpr ad. pretty impressive. >> she's looking arrangound. she's like -- psychlo is jumping over
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barriers, and check out what this guy got a face full of. >> oh, no. >> you hear people going, come on in. come on in. this actually mighton ian, and ian gets a face full of that gross, disgusting mud. >> doing what his buddies did. he could have gotten off and walked this thing through the mud. maybe didn't want to get hits shoes muddy. now he's got a face full of mud. >> father and son time in the backyard, kicking around the soccer ball. boy kicks it to dad. boy runs to camera. dad goes to kick it back -- >> oh! >> the little guy in the striped shirt take as soccer ball right off the dome. fortunately it wasn't like a -- league official soccer ball. looked like one you could pick up at the dollar store. look at the little boy's reaction. like, dude, you just crushed me in the head. >> you're not playing fair, dad. >> the dad's remorseful.
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>> oh, sorry! see whats in the air, next "right this minute." and still to come -- something precious goes missing from a woman's front yard. so -- >> we thought, you know what? let's check our cameras. >> see what the cams revealed that has her fighting to get back what's hers. this is joe langley running for the north carolina state house. literally. and this isn't your ordinary political ad. >> you know why i would vote for this guy? because i feel so bad not voting for just tacos.
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it's monday. thateans brand new our website. this is best of "rtm" time. steven's has the first one. >> never ceases to amaze me. quite a multitasker. this time in a car going through a car wash with recording studio onboard and able to loop all of these different tracks he records busta rhymes song and britney spears song all going through the car wash and sounds really good. making all the noises with just his mouth. >> i have a great proposal video sure to make you emotional. this is a flash mob proposal in a piazza in venice, and if you pay close attention, the whole thing is set to "you make my dreams come true" by hall and oates, a classic. >> everyone loves hall and oates. it's hard not to. >> check out the videos. you definitely want to, click
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on -- >> best of rtm, this one makes me kind of sad. dixie the cat, playing in the front yard in california. you see her by the planter on the sidewalk. random guy walks up to the yard. dixie, being a very friendly guy, walks to this guy, and he walks off. >> oh. that's not his cat, i'm assuming frg . >> it's not. >> that's loretta allen's cat. hasn't seen the cat since august 3rd. the cat went missing. check the cameras, and sure enough. they see that. they see somebody walk up and take their cat. >> who takes a cat from someone's front yard? >> that's the sad part. the individual joe there and not clear enough to see if she recognizes the guy, knows him as a neighbor, no idea who the person is, and the cat's gone. >> this makes me sad. pets are obviously a part of your family. you get used to having them around and really learn to love
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them. >> loretta is hoping to get her cat back. she posted it hoping people will see the video and hoping she'll get her cat back. the cat had a red clarp with hearts and her name dixie on it taken from north mcdowell boulevard in petaluma, california. >> i don't know how you steel someone's cat and, now is it your pet? you steal someone's pet and now use it as your own? what about pca and adopt a cat, if you want. there's thousands of them. >> what a jerk! election season it into full force. you can't turn on the television without seeing an attack ad from some candidate. >> i wish that more candidates had ads like this one. this is -- joe langley. >> hi. i'm joe langley. a candidate for north carolina house of representatives district number 53 for the county. i want to tell you quickly about myself, and what i want to do, and i know how valuable your time is, so i'm going to talk really fast.
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i love this. here's where i live outside of ap drew. this house has been in our family over 150 years. >> plowing through his district and wants to point out that he has roots in this area. >> here's where i go to church, where i'm an usher and on the finance committee. >> this is way better than the ads on tv. i'd rather see a guy like this, showing that he's part of the community. >> exactly. and he showcases not only his community, he shows off his family. >> this is sue, my wife of 32 years and my children and grandchildren. >> then blows past them. he is a democratic candidate running against an incumbent who has been in office since 2002 named david lewis. >> do we know how he's doing in the polls thanks to this commercial? >> i think these going to be doing better by november 6th because of this commercial. >> here we are at the north carolina general assembly. >> where he will be working, when, or if, he's elected. >> he shot this for free,
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uploaded it to youtube and now is on national television. >> no kidding. yeah. this is going to get a lot more eyes on it than any other boring political ad. it's like hard core on a bike. >> but for one rider, it's just not enough. >> he's going to up the ante a little bit. >> and do it all on a tower. no harness, no safety gear. see how it all turns out.
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cooler individual joe. at first glance you're like, this looks like a guy who could do this. the cool mayhaircurt. up on people would do hard core. this guy is about to do something sick. [ laughter ] >> i guess -- sick all right. >> tried to jump from one building to this platform and just crashes right through the roof of this thing. >> is the roof made of papier-mache? >> that's what it looks like. like smub put paper there. dude crashes right through. the guy filming this -- he goes to check on this friend. you know they were building that building, they were like, ah, nobody's ever going to be standing out here. just put sheet rock up. >> one little thin layer and get out of here. block the sun. >> it's not structural. >> i don't know what he was trying to do, but it was a far jump. he made it. he just didn't make it. it's. halloween is around the
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corner. i found this crazy, awesome tutorial car on how to look like a mermaid. >> oh. >> she sent this video to songs by justin lynch. >> going to be gone, you make it go from white to the light pink and adding more colors on after. >> i love this tutorial, because she does kind of look like a mermaid. >> she takes you on a step-by-step process so you can look like a mermaid. >> i like that touch. it's like she has like a little bit of fishing net that got left in the ocean in her hair. this is one of the coolest parts because she takes that net she's wearing in her hair and applies a piece of it and starts painting around it, which is going to give you that look of scales on your face. >> that's really neat. >> of course, she also tells you how to very vibrantly color your eyes to make them look very aquatic but also very beautiful. and this proves you can come up with a really cool halloween outfit without having to go out and spend a ton of money,
9:27 am
because you can use what you already have in your makeup kit to make this happen. >> go to buy a couple rhinestones and face glue and you're set. >> if you want to see the entire tutorial head to our website at and freestyle exhibition is going on. a snowmobile, no snow, pulls a back flip off this huge ramp and lands it. if a snowmobile can do it, why can't a fiat do the same thing? a little different, right? here goes the fiat. revved up, here we go. off the ramp and -- he lands it. >> right on the edge. he's going to fall off. >> and he doesn't stick it. it rolls backwards. you see, it lands on the upramp. pulls in there. right? >> i don't think a brake would have helped there. >> cool thing, seems they were prepared for something like this. there's a big roll cage inside of thear and an air bag just below the ramp.
9:28 am
it doesn't fall all wait down. maybe 20 feet there on to a big air bag, breaks the fall of the car and the driver. >> should have tried a car with a little more oomph, to get more momentum before it went up the ramp. >> a poor choice of a fiat, maybe? >> maybe. >> driver and passenger, okay. further around the world to nagoya, japan, for trials riding. one of the champions in the business, kenny blake. he's going to up the ante and take himself and the bike up to tv to youer in nagoya, gentleman na japan. >> he's not just pedaling around the outside. >> talk about having confidence in your ability. that's going to do it for this edition of "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everyone.
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